“Just one more I to dot and one last T to cross” – Fallout: London devs have locked in a new release date

By admin Jun7,2024

Fallout: London‘s developers have locked in a new release date for the game-sized mod, and it’ll seemigly be coming up very soon. Yup, while the exact date’s been settled, the team has decided not to fully reveal it quite yet, keeping us all on our toes.

If you’re out of the loop, Fallout: London’s a full conversion mod for Fallout 4 that’s set to let us explore a post-apocalytic version of the English capital, complete with fresh factions and quests. After Fallout 4‘s next-gen update forced its creators to abandon their planned release date of April 23, the mod has been left in what’s felt like a bit of a purgatory. But no longer!

Yesterday afternoon, Team FOLON got everyone going by simply tweeting “We have a new date. Stay safe and remember. Mind the gap.” Naturally, that’s incited plenty of interest from the folks who’ve been eagerly waiting the mod’s arrival with bated breath, and project lead Dean ‘Prilladog’ Carter has provided some additional info on where the team’s at via the Fallout: London Discord server.

“Everyone is very excited I see,” Carter wrote, “We – the Team – have a new date, it is soon. Not typical ‘SoonTM’ mod meme answer soon, but actually soon. Just one more I to dot and one last T to cross and you’ll all have Fallout: London in your greasy paws. Whereas before we were unknown when it was going to drop, now we are looking at a matter of days/weeks. Stay tuned.”

In the aftermath of what is essentially an announcement of an announcement still to come – with the actual date still being kept as something that’s only known internally for now, Carter and the team have faced some backlash from fans in the server who are either keen to find out exactly what it is right now or who believed that the mod would be dropping the exact moment the issues caused by the Fallout 4 updates were fully rectified.

“Currently, a search of Fallout: London is people moaning about no information or misinformation about us being dead or blindsidedly delayed or some other crap,” Carter explained with regards to why they’ve elected to reveal the new release date in this manner, “So, we announced something fun for you all to read.”

He also clarified: “Originally, after the delay, there was zero plan for release due to the need for a multitude of things outside of the project needing to be updated. It literally lived in the void for a while. Whereas now, we have a new internal release date.”

So, there you go. Chill out, sip a Nuka Cola, it shouldn’t be long until you’re running around post-apocalyptic Blighty.

If you’re keen to find out more about how you’ll be able to grab the mod whenever it does drop, the answer is via CD Projekt-owned storefront GOG.com rather than a site like Nexus Mods – more details as to how and why that’s the case can be found here.

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