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The King of Curses called, and he wants his Project Baki 3 Heian Sukuna Style back! Well, too bad, ’cause you grinded for it. Meet the requirements stated down below to unlock the Shadow Style, but be prepared… it’s going to take a while.

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Project Baki 3 Heian Sukuna Guide

While Sukuna has been available in Project Baki 3 for a while now, this latest update brings Heian Era Sukuna to the game! The Event Fighting Style is called ‘Heian Sukuna’ and it’s classed as a Shadow Man Fighting Style.

How to Unlock Heian Sukuna

To unlock the Heian Sukuna Style, you need to speak with the King of Curses Trainer. However, he has a few requirements before you can obtain the Shadow Fighting Style! Complete one of these requirement achievements to get the Style:

  1. Make sure your Strength is high enough (1.5K) by defeating 10 Shinjuku Gojo enemies with the Malevolent Shrine ability
  2. Defeat 10 players whose level is lower than yours
  3. Interact with Sukuna with someone next to you
  4. Defeat Shinjuku Gojo
  5. Beat Yuji, Yuta, Todo, Kashimo, Jogo, Choso, Ghost Gojo, and Higuruma (you must be max level for this)
  6. Go to the Archaeology area in the lab and meditate on Pickle for a total of 2 minutes
  7. Defeat Pickle during Boss Rush or in the sewers (boss fight)
  8. Have the Ancient Capoeira Manual relic and use it
  9. Eat one of Sukuna’s fingers to unlock Sukuna (obtained via Boss Rush)
  10. To unlock the Mode, you need to use the Strong Shrine ability on 5 people or Heian Sukuna Land
  11. Utilise the Pickle Alt ability and Shoulder Bite to defeat a player
  12. Open a domain by using Copy Tech as Sukuna or by activating All-Encompassing Unequivocal Love
  13. Defeat a Kashimo enemy using Strong Cleave
  14. Defeat a Choso enemy using Strong Arrow
  15. Defeat a Revived Gojo enemy with Strong Shrine activated
  16. Utilise the Body Robbery ability from Kenjaku while battling against a player
  17. Defeat the First Yasha Ape (you have a chance to obtain the Heian form of Sukuna)

Stat Requirements

  • Durability: 800
  • Intellect: 200
  • Strength: 800
  • Agility: 400

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