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On an egg hunt for some Egg Empire codes? You can find a list of every working code in this guide, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to redeem!

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Egg Empire Codes

Ready to delve into another Roblox Tycoon game? This time, you’re running an egg factory/farm. It’s a clicker game, but it’s all based around the humble egg. Gold Eggs are the best of the crop, and these free codes give you some as a reward – don’t miss out!

Active Codes

Want some free eggs, and Golden ones at that? You’re in luck, ’cause these codes give you just that! There’s no telling when these codes will expire, so hop into the game as soon as possible, and get redeeming. Not sure how to redeem them? Read the section below to find out how exactly you can redeem codes in Egg Empire.

How to Redeem Egg Empire Codes

To redeem codes in Egg Empire, load up the game via the Roblox launcher application or by visiting the browser page. Once loaded in, you can click the ‘Shop’ button on the left of the screen, accompanied by a shopping basket icon.

In the new window that pops up, you’ll see all of the options in the Shop. Look to the bottom right of this window to spot a blue circle that has ‘Codes’ written inside it, with a rectangle that has ‘ABX’ written across it.

A blank text box then appears, which is where you can enter one of the codes above! The quickest way is by copying and pasting said code, or you can opt to type it out entirely. If you decide to go with the latter option, remember to include the capital letters and punctuation, otherwise the code won’t work.

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