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2K has managed to accidentally reveal a new Civilization game by putting up a banner for it on their website. They’ve since pulled the banner down, but the historical cat is out of the bag.

The news comes via rickreckt of Reddit who spotted the banner and managed to get a screenshot before it was removed from 2K’s official website.

2K Games themselves have already confirmed that they will be announcing the next entry in one of their “biggest and most beloved” franchises at Summer Game Fest. I admit to being wrong here, because in my article discussing the announcement, I brazenly assumed that it wouldn’t be a new Civilization game and was more likely to be the next Borderlands or even a Mafia title. Clearly, I’m an idiot.

Developer Firaxis did previously say back in February of 2023 that they are actively working on the next Civilization game. If you want to get pedantic about it, 2K said they would “reveal” the next game in one of their biggest franchises, so does Civilization VII count as having already been revealed? Probably not, because if you want to go down that route new entries in the Mafia, Borderlands and BioShock franchises have all also already been confirmed.

Previously, we also seen rumours that a new Mafia game is ready to be announced. As for Borderlands 4, it was confirmed to be in development when Take-Two purchased Gearbox from the crumbling Embracer Group.

Summer Game Fest, of course, kicks off today, June 7. Given Civilization’s rich history on PC though, 2K may want to save the reveal for the PC Gaming Show on June 9.

And it’s important to note that 2K can show more than one game. Civilization VII may or may not be the game they referenced, and they could have more than one announcement ready to go. Who knows? Maybe we’re going to get hit with Borderlands 4, Mafia 4, BioShock 4 and Civilization VII all at once? That’s a lot of 4s.

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