Tactical Shooter ‘Sniper Elite 4’ Is Coming to iPhone, iPad, and macOS This Holiday Season – TouchArcade

Rebellion just announced that its 2017-released tactical shooter Sniper Elite 4 is coming to iPhone, iPad, and macOS this holiday season. Sniper Elite 4 debuted on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms back in 2017, and it has since been released on Nintendo Switch in 2020. The new Apple platform release was announced before WWDC. I expected to see some ports announced there, but either way I’m not complaining. Sniper Elite 4 will bring the full tactical shooter to iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and M1 powered (and later) iPad and macOS devices. It will ship with MetalFX upscaling and support controllers in addition to touchscreen controls. Watch the Sniper Elite 4 iPhone, iPad, and macOS trailer below:

As of this writing, a price point hasn’t been announced for Sniper Elite 4 on Apple devices. Sniper Elite 4 is priced at $59.99 on other platforms. I assume it will come to iPhone, iPad, and macOS with a universal purchase that is discounted for launch like every other iPhone 15 Pro big game port. I never played Sniper Elite 4 despite owning it, but will definitely be trying it out on iPhone 15 Pro to see how it plays with touch and controller. The new Apple version will include all gameplay features from the original. I’m hoping MrMacRight does a comparison as well when it launches. Have you played Sniper Elite 4 before, and will you be checking it out on iPhone 15 Pro, iPad, or macOS this holiday season?

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