Sony’s live-service shooter Concord will launch at the budget price of £35/$40m, future character, maps and modes will be free – WGB

By admin Jun6,2024

Based on a PlayStation store listing, it looks like Sony’s new live-service sci-fi shooter Concord, which was recently shown off at Sony’s State of Play, will be launching at a budget price like that of Helldivers 2.

Concord, which is being developed by FireWalk Studios, was announced last year, but it wasn’t until last week’s State of Play that we got to learn anything substantial about it. It’s shaping up to be a 5v5 hero-style shooter featuring 16 characters. The gameplay and story trailer shown gave off some strong Guardians of the Galaxy vibes, but the love for Star Lord and co wasn’t enough to persuade PlayStation fans who were leaving a lot more dislikes than likes on the trailer.

As a live-service title, the conversation was also focused on price, especially since Helldivers 2 launched at a much more wallet-friendly cost.

A helpful ResetEra member spotted that Concord has already been listed on the Australian PlayStation storefront along with a price in Aussue kangaroo coins of $59.95 for the standard edition, and $94.95 for the fancier digital deluxe edition. That’s exactly the same price tag of Helldivers 2’s Australian price tag, so that means we can rather safely infer that Concord’s UK and US prices will be £34.99 and $39.99 respectively, matching Helldivers 2.

That lower barrier to entry might be enough to tempt the clearly unconvinced PlayStation audience to give Concord a try. It’ll launch later this year on August 23 for PS5 and PC, and a beta will available in July to everyone who pre-orders the game. While I normally tell everyone not to bother pre-ordering, it might be worth it to get into the beta and see if the game is actually worth playing. You can always cancel the order if it isn’t.

The listing also revealed a few other details, the biggest of which is that “Concord will grow through regular post-launch updates that introduce new Freegunners, game modes, maps and worlds, and weekly cinematic vignettes for no additional cost.”

Which begs the question, what will the game’s monetization look like outside of its initial price? With so much of the content being free, perhaps the game will stick to purely cosmetic items? More likely though, is that there will still be some heroes locked behind a paywall such as a season pass because the quote above does not specifically say that all future heroes etc. will be free. The wording they’ve chosen leaves plenty of room for paid content, too.

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