Fruit Seas Scroll Locations Guide

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Getting Armament Haki isn’t hard, but it’s something you need the info on to do effectively. You’re likely to walk straight past the quest location dozens of times and never know. Fortunately, our Fruit Seas scroll locations guide will tell you exactly what to do!

Fruit Seas is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Fruit Seas Fruit guide for details on the disgusting fruit.

Fruit Seas Scroll Locations Guide

First, you need to get the quest to find the scroll, and then we’ll discuss the places the scroll can appear.

Getting The Quest

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get the quest itself. You need to find the NPC Alphirex, but he’s not in an easy-to-reach place. Head to Jungle Island, more specifically the second island with the King Abu boss arena. Off the coast, you’ll see a large rock. Fly or Geppo onto it and look for a discolored square on the rock face. As it turns out, this is a secret passage that leads to Alphirex. Who’d have thought? Speak to him to get the quest.

Possible Scroll Locations

There are various possible scroll locations. It will appear in one of the following, so you may need to try each one before you find it!

Scroll Location – Jungle

Head to the other Jungle island from the Alphirex location and look for a similar offshore rock. Hop up there to find a possible location for the scroll.

Scroll Location – Windmill Village

In the cave east of the Bandit Leader boss. Make you way to the back of the cave to look for the scroll. If you can’t find any there, there are often some chests, so that’s something.

Scroll Location – Shell Town

This one is pretty straightforward. When you get to Shell Town, head right up to the top of the huge stone tower, the highest thing on the island by a big margin. You’ll either find the scroll at the top, or you’ll find a bit of treasure.

Scroll Location – Orange Town

Head into Orange Town and check inside the watch towers around town. The scroll can spawn in one of these.

Scroll Location – Baratie

When you hit Baratie, head on straight through to the rear deck. The scroll can spawn on one of the tables out there.

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