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Not sure how the Anime Defenders Limited Banner works? Read on to find out! In this guide, I discuss the current banner available in-game, the units you can obtain, and what the Limited Banner really is.

Take a look at the current Anime Defenders banners for yourself in-game! We have a couple of guides on the units that are available right now in-game, so make sure to read our Anime Defenders Donut Warrior guide and our Anime Defenders Cursed Knight guide.

Anime Defenders Limited Banner

The latest update in Anime Defenders adds the Limited Banner feature to the game! This banner works differently in comparison to the standard banner, with units being available for 14 days instead of just 60 minutes.

What is the Limited Banner?

The Limited Banner is exactly that, it’s limited! Available for 14 days, you can summon units via this banner as much as you want, as long as you have the gems for it. With this being a new feature, it’s not clear if the Limited Banner characters will be added to the general pool of units on the standard banner after 14 days. To learn more about the latter, check out our general Anime Defenders Banner guide!

If that’s the case, then you still have a shot to get them later on without their drop rates being up (similar to how well-known gacha games work!). However, the characters that feature on the Limited Banner may only be available for that period of time. This means that you won’t have another chance of getting these units until they eventually rerun in-game.

The Pity system works on the Limited Banner, but it doesn’t carry over from your standard banner pity. It takes a lot of gems to build your Legendary and Mythic pity up in general, let alone within 14 days!

Current Banner

The current Limited Banner in Anime Defenders features a range of units and is available until the 16th/17th of June.

  • Secret Unit: Cursed Knight (0.01/0.1% drop rate chance)
  • Mythic Unit: Donut Warrior (0.25% drop rate chance)
  • Legendary Unit: Electric Cyborg (2% drop rate chance)
  • Epic: Ocean Guardian (15.25% drop rate chance)
  • Rare: Magic Arrow (82% drop rate chance)

The Cursed Knight unit, as well as the Donut Warrior unit, are the most popular characters on the banner as of right now. So, if you plan to summon via this banner, these are the units to aim for!

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