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We all remember Marvel’s Eternals, the most successful movie ever released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A landmark event in film history, it grossed four billion dollars and changed the way we think about the medium. Why, that year you could scarcely find a child on Halloween who wasn’t dressed as Sersi or Phastos. The only reason we don’t have a sequel yet is that no one can figure out how to top the first. While we wait for that, Marvel Snap (Free) has a brand new season for us based on this hot cross-media phenomenon. Let’s check out the details!

Okay, look. I’m being a bit sassy. If you don’t read comics, you probably only know the Eternals from the less-than-successful movie from a few years back. The original comics were a lot better, and that’s probably more of a reason for Marvel Snap to do this season based on the property. Titled The Celestials’ Finest, it is chockful of stuff. As usual, you can watch Ben Brode do his thing explaining it if you have the time and inclination to do so. If not, Shaun’s got you covered.

This is one of those events that runs for five weeks, so we have six new characters to deal with. First up is our Season Pass card, Gilgamesh. He’s 5-Cost 7-Power, and he has an On Reveal ability that gives him +1 Power for each of your other cards you have in play with increased Power. Oh, he’ll be a fun one to pair with the likes of Blue Marvel, won’t he?

Next up, Thena. She’s 2-Cost 1-Power, and she’ll gain +3 Power after each turn where you place exactly two cards. Not more or less. Two. Plan carefully. Chasing her is Sersi, a 5-Cost 7-Power card with an On Reveal ability that transforms your other cards at the location into random cards that cost one more, provided that’s possible. Chaotic but potentially potent.

Makkari is the next one, a 3-Cost 3-Power card who after the turn will run from your hand to a random location, provided that is possible.  Phastos is another 3-Cost 3-Power card, with an On Reveal ability that gives each of the remaining cards in your deck either -1 Cost or +2 Power. Sounds like a good partner for Gilgamesh. Finally, Arishem. The big dude is a 7-Cost 7-Power card and if you pack him in your deck, you’ll get +1 Max Energy at the start of the game. You’ll also get twelve random cards shuffled into your deck. More chaos!

Beyond that, there are two new locations. The World Forge will replace one of the other locations each turn, because we need more chaos. Eternals’ Ark floods the other locations after turn 5. Oh boy. These are both going to be a pain in the neck, but maybe a fun pain in the neck.

This new season coincides with an update, so let’s quickly look at that stuff too. We have a bunch of Series drops, which is always nice to see. Howard the Duck, Silver Samurai, Mirage, Echo, and Martyr are now Series 3 cards. Jean Grey, Selene, Hercules, Nebula, Silk, The Living Tribunal, and Gladiator are now Series 4. That should make them easier to get your hands on!

Balance changes, mostly aimed at Thanos. The Sanctuary II location has been completely disabled, for starters. Let’s quickly go through the Stone changes. The Mind Stone now draws two Stones from your deck, not two 1-Cost cards. The Reality Stone no longer draws a card as part of its ability. The Soul Stone swaps out its Ongoing -1 Power enemy card debuff for an On Reveal ability that draws a card and an Ongoing effect that makes it so Thanos can’t be discarded or destroyed.

The Space Stone no longer lets you move a card. Instead, it has an On Reveal ability that draws a card, and an Ongoing ability that makes it so nothing can stop you from playing or moving Thanos. The Time Stone now gives Thanos -1 Cost full-stop instead of just the next turn. I don’t know if all of this makes Thanos stronger or weaker, but there you go.

Okay, that was a lot but I think we hit all the major points. Lots of changes to Marvel Snap today! What do you think of the new cards? How about the changes to the Infinity Stones? Let us know in the comments below, and do look forward to this month’s updated deck building guide in the next day or two!

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