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Our Fruit Seas Accessories Tier List has ranked all the accessories in Fruit Seas from best to worst, so you know which are the strongest and which are the weakest.

To play for yourself, visit the official Roblox website! We also have a Fruit Seas Race Tier List as well as a Fruit Seas Races Guide.

Fruit Seas Accessories Tier List

Let’s rank all the accessories! If you want more detail about each individual accessory, our Fruit Seas Accessories Guide goes into detail about each one as well as where to find them and what they offer.


These accessories are the best of the best! Make sure you get your hands on these as soon as you can, as they’ll be sure to help the most.

  • Tomoe Drums
  • Hawk Hat
  • Fisherman’s Belt
  • Poseidon’s Regalia
  • Abyssal Gauntlets
  • Dragon Tooth Necklace
  • Warrior Helmet
  • Cyborg Glasses


If you can’t get a hold of accessories in S-Tier, these are still great choices.

  • Skyfarer’s Hat
  • Bear Hat
  • Morgan’s Jaw
  • Bloody Cloak
  • Desert King’s Cape
  • Captain’s Helmet


Accessories in B-Tier are great if you’re a beginner. They’ll help you start your journey, but if you want to progress quickly, make sure to aim for accessories in a higher tier soon.

  • Barrel Helm
  • Bomber Glasses
  • Flamingo Cape
  • Death Cap
  • Jungle Crown
  • Orange Cape


These aren’t the best. They offer a few positives but are only good for the odd thing. Don’t rely on these too much.

  • Renier’s Scarf
  • Runner Headband
  • Flamingo Glasses
  • Smoke Admiral Cape
  • Sun-Gazer Glasses
  • Athlete Headband


Avoid these!

How Do We Choose Our Rankings?

Our rankings are based on our own experiences when playing the game, as well as from a wide range of other sources. If you don’t agree with our rankings, that’s more than okay! Tier lists can be subjective, so take everything we say with a pinch of salt.

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