The Least Practical Disney World Souvenir Ever

By admin Jun4,2024

Have you ever made a wish? It could have been on a star, from a fairy godmother, a genie, or maybe any other wish-making object or being.

Cinderella Castle

Disney World is the perfect place to make your wishes and to have them come true. There is the wishing well near Cinderella Castle, which is a great spot to make your wish, but there is also a little shop on Main Street, U.S.A. where you can make any wish your heart desires. Now that shop has new wish-keeping vessels that are magical, adorable, and a bit impractical.

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Crystal Arts is a shop in Magic Kingdom that sells very beautiful and bougie crystal keepsakes. You can find souvenirs here that cost over $200,000 (a crystal castle) or items that are relatively less expensive, but no less beautiful. The crystal items are absolutely stunning and many are made in the shop.

Crystal Arts in Magic Kingdom

One of the fun things you can do here is make a wish on some “pixie dust” which are beads up crystals that you can then add for safekeeping into one of the various options made for keeping wishes. This activity is at both the Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs locations of Crystal Arts.

Wish Keeper station

There is a variety of items to choose from to fill with your new wish including a glass slipper, a Mickey Mouse hand, an apple, a wand, and a rose.

Crystal Wish Keepers

But now a NEW Wish Keeper is available — water bottles! The Wish Keeper water bottles are $59. They are the same price whether you have them filled with the crystals (wishes) in the bottom or not. Some people are also buying them to fill with something else of their choice. Each water bottle comes with a choice of wood or metal lid and base, but The Mickey and Minnie ones are the only two that come with little loop handles.

Wish Keeper Water Bottles

There are a variety of character options, and they can even be customized with names and dates!


Now, this new Wish Keeper seems like it would be practical (who wouldn’t want a water bottle to use instead of having a trinket that just sets around). However, a glass water bottle seems a little dangerous, especially when carrying it around the parks. You never know when it could shatter! We worry that it’ll break just thinking about taking it on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with us.

Minnie Mouse

So as much as we love them and think they’re adorable, we’re not so sure of their practicality as a water bottle. However, we do love a customizable souvenir, and getting to put our wishes in it makes it so special. If you’re looking for a nice gift or something to commemorate your trip to Disney World the Wish Keeper souvenirs could be great options!

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