Monsters Vs Inspector In Subway Surfers Monster Madness Themed Craft-A-Character Contest

By admin Jun4,2024

Ever hoped you could join the crew after avoiding a cranky inspector on the tube tracks? Take this opportunity to advance from surfer to character creator! Yes, the Subway Surfers Craft-A-Character contest is back, and it’s getting ghastly with the theme of Monster Madness! You can join the competition from the 3rd June, 2024 and it closes on the 24th June, 2024 at 12 AM CEST.

Think outside of mummies and Frankenstein’s monster. All eerie animals are welcome to enter this competition. They can be incredibly frightening, dismantled, or sewn together. Perhaps you could design a towering werewolf on a hoverboard or a cheeky gremlin on a skateboard. Let your imagination run wild and create anything from your sleep-paralysis demon to a torn-apart grinning beast! That is entirely up to you!

If you win, you’ll have your character concept turned into a playable character in the game! See your design swerving around Inspector Ted Lutz and his grumpy dog on the tube rails.

Enter The Contest

The admission procedure for Subway Surfers Monster Madness is smoother than riding a train. You need an insanely brilliant concept and an Instagram account.

Create your Monster Madness using whichever creative medium you want, draw, paint, or sculpt to create your character. Style is unrestricted, so express your imagination whether you’re a budding Michelangelo or a doodler with a dream!

Share your character on Instagram when it’s ready for a close-up. To be in the running, remember to tag @subwaysurfers and include the hashtag #CraftACharacter. This puts you formally in the contest.

Subway Surfers crew is seeking original and striking designs. Consider how your monster would move about and engage with the game’s surroundings; perhaps they have a specific ability or a unique technique for avoiding obstacles. Such minor elements can help your design stand out from the crowd—of monsters, that is.

Don’t worry either if you’re not a professional artist. The main goals of this tournament are enjoyment and unrestricted creativity. However, no AI-generated art will be accepted into the contest.

For further details on the contest, keep track of Subway Surfer’s Instagram page! Before you go, check out the scoop on TAT Rumble Is Modern Beatdown With A Retro Twist Coming This June.

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