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After announcing plans to make the PS VR2 headset compatible with PlayStation last year, Sony has announced that a new adapter which does exactly that will be available on August 7.

The new device, which appears to be a small box that the PS VR2 headset plugs into, will retail at f $59.99 / €59.99 / £49.99, though the Sony blog post states this is an “estimated” retail price.

Sony describes setting up the adapter as simply plugging the headset into the box, then running a DisplayPort 1.4 cable from the box to your PC. Voila! You can now access all your VR games via Steam using the SteamVR app. Interestingly, the image Sony uses on its blog post is of the PS VR2 hooked up and playing Half-Life: Alyx, one of the best VR games ever released.

It could mean nothing, but the fact that they specifically reference Half-Life: Alyx and also directly link to Steam’s VR section makes me wonder if we’ll see PlayStation VR “exclusive” games coming to Steam in the future, just like how regular PlayStation games come to the platform a year or two after releasing on console.

Sony does note that due to the PS VR2 being “designed from the ground up specifically for PS5” there may be some features that don’t work. They list HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback as not working on PC. 

“While the most immersive way to experience PS VR2 gaming remains on PS5,” said Sony, “we hope players will enjoy the ability to play an expanded lineup of VR games on PC using the same headset. You can check out Steam’s huge library of multiplayer open worlds, survival horror and stealth action games, sports sims, puzzlers, and free-to-play fan favorites on the Steam Store.”

The PS VR2 has been a difficult proposition since it launched. While the quality of the headset was never in question, it’s an expensive piece of kit that could only be used with an expensive console, limiting its potential audience compared to the likes of the Meta Quest 2 or 3. This adapter will help open it up to a wider audience, although whether the PC crowd will be interested is hard to say. After all, the Quest can also be hooked up to PC via a cheap cable, meaning its still the product of choice for anyone looking to get into VR without completely breaking the bank. The PS VR2 offers a lot more in terms of visuals etc but costs a lot more too.

There’s also Sony’s own lack of support for the device. Very few first-party games have come out for the headset, and a lot of people are feeling like Sony has already abandoned them. Hopefully, the development of this adapter means Sony still wants to invest in VR rather than just using it as a way of bolstering the headsets library without having to put the time and effort in themselves.

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