Possess office equipment and batter your coworkers in Office Fight

By admin Jun3,2024

Between this, my supporter post later, and the fact I decided to watch Office Space again this week, I’d like to make it clear to any colleagues or management reading that I value and love them all dearly, and am 110% committed to the eternal grind machine of covering videogames online. Workday malaise is universal, however, whether or not you’re lucky enough to enjoy your job as much as I do. Enter Office Fight, a stylish physics action game where you, a ghost, posess office equipment to cause as much physics-based chaos as possible. The PR did some Office Space jokes in the email, so I pretty much had to cover it. At least once I realised what they were doing, after initially just thinking they were being a massive donkey.

After customising your own dead-eyed employee, you’ll start your new job and be bombarded by emails, one of which is you getting fired. You drop dead at your desk, and the next thing you know, you’re chatting to a friendly ghost who welcomes you to undeath. Now, you can posses various objects in the office to cause chaos, like flinging desk chairs at people. Unrelated but does anyone remember those Casper The Friendly Ghost ice lollies? They were S-tier, and I must assume they haven’t existed for decades, although I haven’t gone looking. Casper-heads, feel free to chime in with pertinent info.

Anyway, you get a certain amount of possessions to cause as much chaos as possible. Maybe, if you fling that tower unit just right, you’ll cause a riot and the remaining employees will beat each other up! Maybe you could send a monitor flying into that vending machine? Who knows what might happen then? I bet it’ll be good though. Individual stages look to have lots of little tailor-made interactions that result in fun violence, like a Rube Goldberg machine where the ‘Goldberg’ is actually professional wrestler Goldberg. I’m not 100% sure I’d stick around for a whole game of this, but the free Steam demo is definitely worth a spin. You can keep up with all our Steam Next Fest coverage here.

By admin

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