Like Tamagotchi But Human! New Game ‘Pocket Partner!’ Lets You Have A Virtual BFF

By admin Jun3,2024

Are you ready to meet your new virtual bestie? Pocket Partner! is a new simulation game by HyperBeard that lets you have a companion, dress them up and do loads of other fun stuff together. HyperBeard has already shown us what cute games should look like, so we know this one’s not going to disappoint us.

In case you’re wondering, they have a big roster of fun, casual and inclusive games like Hamster Inn, Tsuki Adventure, Pocket Love!, Cat Spa, K-Pop Academy and Adorable Home. These titles are known for their charming and adorable visuals. You can check out their lineup on the official website.

Befriend A Cute Digital Friend

The bond between you and your virtual BFF starts with the basics. You feed them their favourite dishes and help them stay healthy with daily exercise. Pocket Partner! blends decorating, cooking, chatting and exploring into a single sim game.

You can also do other fun activities with your friend. For instance, grab those tools and do some gardening where they can enjoy a leisurely stroll. Each interaction deepens your connection and also unlocks more goodies like outfits, garden seeds and special meals.

Pocket Partner! is about fashion, too. Whether you’re into punk-rock vibes or elegant chic looks, the customisation options are endless. Dress up your virtual pal with outfits of your choice, and let them click some selfies. Yes, they’re set to bring a photo booth and a karaoke game for some spontaneous sing-along sessions.

Send Your Friend Request To Pocket Partner!

If you can already picture yourself cooking up virtual dishes and snapping photos of your friend, I can say you’d love this game. You probably want to take a peek at all the cuteness overload I’m talking about. So, why don’t you catch a glimpse of Pocket Partner! and see all of it for yourself?

So, go ahead and check it out on the Google Play Store. Your future buddy is waiting to create unforgettable memories with you. And speaking of cute games, check out our scoop on another upcoming game. Pudgy Penguins Is Teaming Up With Mythical Games For A New Game.

By admin

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