Don’t worry, all of those missing MultiVersus features won’t be missing for too much longer

By admin Jun3,2024

All of you MultiVersus players have probably noticed some features are missing, but Player First Games are planning on bringing them back.

Last week, after a year-long hiatus, MultiVersus finally had its full launch and has received a mix of responses. Our own Dom is feeling divided on it, even if they are enjoying the core gameplay, and many other players haven’t exactly been thrilled about some of the choices that have been made. Notably, the strange decision to omit certain features that were present in the game, like match stats, team colours, and several other features too. The decision to outright temporarily shut MultiVersus down for a year was already a controversial decision, so coming back with less features, particularly important staples of platform fighters like those, obviously feels like an odd decision.

Player First Games is very aware of this feedback, though, as game director Tony Huynh recently took to Twitter to acknowledge the lack of these features, and what the plans are for the game going forward. “Thank you for the feedback! The team is hard at work on it. Some of the missing settings and features from the open beta are incoming: team colors, end-of-game stats, swapping side and neutral attacks, adjustable input buffer settings, etc,” wrote Huynh. “More info soon!”

“Many of these features are currently implemented and are in testing and we had planned, but were left out due to time as we had to rebuild every screen and feature again to support our new netcode and Unreal Engine 5 switch. Thanks again! I hope some of this context is helpful.”

Rebuilding in Unreal Engine 5 was essentially the main reason Player First Games took another year out to work on the game, and to implement feedback from the beta, so it’s understandable that not everything is ready, though again might feel like an odd choice to some.

MultiVersus’ revival has also brought a few new characters with it, like The Joker, Jason Vorhees, The Matrix’s Agent Smith, and Adventure Time’s Banana Guards, which is definitely an odd mix of faces to say the least.

By admin

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