The new Astro Bot game will feature over 150 classic PlayStation characters and zero microtransactions

If you liked the look of the upcoming Astro Bot game shown off during the recent Sony State of Play livestream, you’ll be excited to learn about some of the included (and perhaps not included) features revealed on the official PlayStation website. The star of which being that Astro Bot will feature over 150 classic PlayStation characters.

These cameos come in the form of cute little costumes for the variety of AStro Bots you’ll run into on your journey through this celebration of PlayStation. Even better news comes in the form of a glaring absence from the game’s official page, which notably doesn’t list any microtransactions. A single player game with no additional purchases needed? Now that’s a lovely blast from the past.

The game is also strictly single player, much like the original Astro Bot experience included with the PS5, so it’s lined up to be a lovely little solo game for PlayStation 5 owners to dig their teeth into. The PlayStation website also lists a variety of new screenshots and gallery pieces from the game that you can look at if you’re so inclined.

While impressions of the recent State of Play presentation were mixed – with a variety of spectators hoping for more from the event – Astro Bot certainly stood out as a highlight of the show. It’s set to release on September 6 later this year.

Will you be checking it out? Let us know below, as well as what character you’re keen to see represented in-game when it eventually launches.

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