It’s Wabbit Season In Stumble Guys x Looney Tunes Crossover!

By admin May31,2024

Stumble Guys x Looney Tunes? Sounds like so much fun already, right? The goofy, stumbling guys are teaming up with none other than the crazy Looney Tunes. So, get ready to tumble headfirst into chaos, starting today!

(Don’t) Stumble Upon The Looney Tunes!

Stumble Guys x Looney Tunes is part of the 0.72 update. The crossover brings new character skins and a brand-new game mode. The new Stumblers are Zoot Suit Daffy, Marvin the Martian, King Chungus, Fan, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Tweety. They are all here to stumble and win!

The new Payload Delivery mode is here, a special courtesy of the Stumble Guys x Looney Tunes crossover. This one lets you deliver an arsenal of off-the-wall ACME gadgets to specific drop-offs. You’ll be escorting your precious payload, dodging traps and outsmarting rivals.

You’ll be in stitches trying to keep your payload safe or sabotaging your opponent’s. There are chemical baths, spinning hammers, spring-loaded boxing gloves and even rockets coming at you from all angles. Here, catch a glimpse of this exciting crossover below!

There’s A New Map, Too!

The newest addition has Stumblers split into two teams Red and Blue. There’s also a TNT flying out of ACME’s own box-making machines sporadically. Also, keep an eye out for trampolines and air vents for sky-high escapes. The ACME factory setting is just loony, truly!

They’ve dropped other new cosmetics as part of the update, including footsteps and emotes. If you play Stumble Guys, you can imagine how fun this collab will be. And if you don’t, you should know that Stumble Guys is one of the most fun multiplayer battle royale obstacle course titles. So, go ahead and check it out. Grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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