Anime Defenders Chance Taker Guide – How To Get, Evolve and More!

By admin May31,2024
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Place your bets on Hakari! This Anime Defenders Chance Taker Guide tells you everything you need to know about this unit from obtainment, stats and his evolution.

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Anime Defenders Chance Taker Guide

The secret is out! Chance Taker is one of a few Secret rarity units within Anime Defenders. This unit in particular is based on the flashy gambler, Hakari from the Jujutsu Kaisen series. (If you’ve not read the manga he’s the GOAT).

Chance Taker is only available through summoning on the banners. It’ll be hard to tell when he’s available as the banners obscure the secret units behind a silhouette and a “???” rate chance. Try and look out for his iconic slicked-back blonde hairstyle as this will be your giveaway when Chance Taker has entered the banners!

I’d also recommend stockpiling Gems, the currency used to summon, as the chances whilst unknown, are incredibly low. Plus, Anime Defenders doesn’t offer a Secret pity like it does with Legendary and Mythic units so pulling him will be down to gambler chance!

Chance Taker Stats

Despite his whole theme being around gambling and grooving, Chance Taker isn’t a farm unit!

  • Deployment Cost: 2,500 Gold
  • Selling Cost: 625 Gold
  • Upgrades: 11
  • Unit Type: Ground
  • Attack: AoE

Chance Taker Evolution

If being a busted Secret unit isn’t enough, you could evolve your Chance Taker using a Roulette Machine. Sadly not much is known about the Chance Taker evolution line other than his name change to Chance King.

Chance Taker evolves into Chance King using a Roulette Machine. This item is fused from multiple resources which are the following:

  • Gold: 35,000
  • Yellow Stars: 35
  • Blue Stars: 10
  • Red Stars: 10
  • Purple Stars: 8
  • Green Stars: 8
  • Rainbow Stars: 3

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