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Netflix just announced an expansion of its reality universe with four new games. Since Netflix launched its games initiative, we’ve seen a few of its interactive fiction games arrive like Netflix Stories. The games in this initiative planned for this year are Netflix Stories: Perfect Match, Too Hot to Handle 3 , The Ultimatum: Choices, and Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset. They are all interactive fiction games that let you experience the worlds of the unscripted series of the same names. The games will be exclusive to Netflix Games as well. The games are planned to launch alongside a new season of the shows of the same name. The will feature appearances from characters in the Netflix Reality Universe like Nick Lachey (Perfect Match) and Chloe Vietch (The Ultimatum: Choices).

As for the release dates, Netflix Stories: Perfect Match launches on June 6th as a new game that casts players on the new season of the show. Too Hot to Handle 3 launches on July 18the letting you crash the retreat and start drama among paired-up singles in a new season of the Too Hot to Handle game. Pre-registrations are now live here. The Ultimatum: Choices doesn’t have a release date yet. It lets you be a contestant on the show and decide to marry your current partner or find love with a new one. Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset is due Fall 2024 and has you taking the role of the newest agent at LA’s glitziest luxury brokerage and you need to sell your way to the top to win a $100 million Bel Air listing. Once release dates are announced for the remaining two games, we will post about them. I know these games are quite popular, but I hope Netflix continues to bring quality indie premium-style releases to mobile as well. Did you play Netflix Stories and what do you think of these announcements?

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