PlayStation Says Live-Service Games Will Launch Day-And-Date On PC, But Single Player Games Won’t

By admin May30,2024

PlayStation has reiterated its approach to releasing its games on PC, stating live-service games will launch day-and-date on PC. However, its tentpole single player games will not. 

This comes from one of PlayStation’s dual CEOs, Hermen Hulst, during a public business presentation held earlier this morning. During it, Hulst explained the strategy for releasing PlayStation’s single-player games on PC at a later date, rather than day-and-date, citing it’s part of a strategy to bring more people into the PlayStation platform. 

“Indeed, we are bringing our titles to the PC platform, and we have a dual approach here,” Hulst said. “On the live service side, we are releasing our titles simultaneously, so day and date on PlayStation 5 and PC. But with our tentpole titles, our single player narrative-driven titles that [are] the backbone of what PlayStation studios has delivered in recent years and in our history, we take a more strategic approach and we introduce our great franchises to new audiences, and we’re finding new audiences that are potentially going to be very interested in playing, for example, sequels, on the PlayStation platform.

“We have high hopes that we are actually able to bring new players into PlayStation at large, but into PlayStation platforms specifically. Actually, the same goes for the work that we do with extending our great properties onto other media, such as television series and film, for example, as you have seen with The Last of Us on HBO or Gran Turismo on film, that brings new players into our franchises as well.”

While this doesn’t come as a surprise – we saw the live-service multiplayer Helldivers 2 launch earlier this year simultaneously on PS5 and PC while Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut only just hit PC this month, years after its PS5 release – it’s nice to officially hear PlayStation’s approach moving forward.

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