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By admin May30,2024

Hill Climb Racing, the phenomenally popular physics-based casual game from developer Fingersoft, has joined an illustrious club whose members include Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Incredibles, and dozens of other blockbuster franchises. 

That’s right: it’s received the LEGO treatment. 

LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Racing, out this month, is shaping up to be a charming, graphically impressive twist on the original game, featuring story missions, vehicles that come apart, a whole new world to explore, and a cast of fun Minifigure characters.

All the stuff you’d expect to find in a game belonging to the Hill Climb family is here, including a ton of different vehicles and a variety of terrains.

But there’s more. LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures also contains hidden paths, secrets, and a whole new gadget system.

Here are five reasons we think LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures is a stone cold must-play.

Match Made in Heaven

LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures makes perfect sense at every level. LEGO has cars. Those cars can explode. Cars that race along bumpy terrain tend to explode as well. Motorsports is all about creative engineering. So is LEGO. 

See? In a world where LEGO The Incredibles exists, we’re frankly amazed that we had to wait this long for a Hill Climb Racing mashup.

A Whole New World

Hill Climb Racing is a casual game through and through. It nails the basics of physics, level design, and controls and doesn’t concern itself with luxuries like storylines, characters, and exploration. 

We’ve got no complaints with that approach, but LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures is a tantalizing twist on the format for those of us who like a bit of world-building with our casual games. 

The nail-biting, nerve-jangling races over countless different terrains and elevations are here, but so is a charming blocky world populated by a diverse cast of Minifigure residents and filled with secrets and branching paths. 

50M Monthly Users Can’t Be Wrong

LEGO is able to leverage the megawattage of its brand to find the best possible mashup partners. 

Hill Climb Racing is right at home among these commercial giants, with 50 million active monthly users vouching for its compulsive playability, if not in words then in deeds (i.e., playing it all the time). 

When a game has a fanbase of that magnitude, you know you’re in for a good time.

Playtested to Perfection

Guess what: it’s good to be the developer and publisher of a game with 50 million monthly active users.

The vast user base for Hill Climb Racing contributed enormously to the development of LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures, as developer Fingersoft revealed in a recent interview. 

We systematically shared game updates with a beta tester group, and they gave us their thoughts, feelings, and bug reports … without them, the game would not be what it is today”.

Updates Galore

One of the reasons for Hill Climb Racing’s enduring success is the attention that Fingersoft has lavished upon it since launch. A constant rolling procession of updates has kept the game fresh, innovative, and bug-free.

LEGOⓇ Hill Climb Adventures is set to follow the same path, with Fingersoft revealing that there’s already a whole suite of updates in the pipeline, including “new regions, vehicles, gameplay and storylines”.

And that’s just for starters. There will be new seasons every two months, and Fingersoft plans to continue evolving the game’s core features and adding new stuff. 

To get in on the ground floor, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to play LEGO Hill Climb Adventures right now.

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