REVIEW: Too Many of Y’all Are Skipping This AMAZING $5 Dessert in EPCOT

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If you’re heading to EPCOT, you’ll have a LOT of snack stands to choose from!


There are treats to be tried in every World Showcase pavilion, plus the lands at the front of the park, so how do you choose where to go? Well, recently I stopped by one of EPCOT’s slightly more hidden spots to try ALL the eats on the menu. Let’s head to Sommerfest!


Sommerfest is tucked away in the back of the Germany Pavilion, next to Biergarten Restaurant. It’s a little blink-and-you-miss-it snack stand that serves a few different eats and some beverage options.


The restaurant has just two windows — one for Mobile Order pickups and one for counter-made order pickups. There’s a small ordering counter in the front and usually there isn’t too much of a line to get food here.

Inside Sommerfest

After you pick up your order, you can grab a few pre-packaged condiments. They’ve got the basics — mustard, ketchup, and Gulden’s spicy brown mustard. 


In terms of seating, there aren’t too many options, and they fill up FAST with people just hanging out in the Germany Pavilion plaza. Unless someone vacates one of the tables as you walk out with your food, you’re probably going to have to sit over by World Showcase Lagoon.

Seating nearby

Now let’s chat about the menu!


As far as the snacks on this menu go, there are only three options — the Jumbo Pretzel, the Bratwurst (served with house-made paprika chips), and the Pretzel Bread Pudding.


However, if you’re thirsty, you’ve got quite a few choices. There are four different types of beer, two wines, and several fountain beverages. No dehydration here!


I’m going pretty simple for this review, just ordering all three of the snack options! I grabbed a table with a spectacular view of Spaceship Earth and laid out the spread.

Full Spread

First up, we’ve got the Bratwurst with House-made Paprika Chips. This is $11.49 and served on a fresh-baked roll with sauerkraut.

I tried the chips first and immediately liked them a LOT more than other house-made chips in Disney World. The paprika adds some nice spice and really elevates these above their plain salted counterpart. Although there isn’t an option to order the chips on their own (without the bratwurst) on the menu, we’ve been able to order the chips at the window by themselves in the past, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if you just want a lighter snack instead of the full meal.


The bratwurst itself was THICK and thoroughly seasoned with hints of garlic and pepper throughout. The bun is massive and it makes the bites a little bit bread-heavy and slightly difficult to manage. Add to that the pile of sauerkraut on top, and I found myself making a bit of a mess eating this.

However, the sauerkraut was the perfect tangy counterpart to the sausage and really brightened up the overall flavor profile. I think this would’ve been great with some mustard on top as well.

Inside the bratwurst

My second item was a Germany Pavilion classic — the Jumbo Pretzel for $11.29. My main complaint here is that this does not come with dipping sauce automatically on the side. You can pick up those little packs of mustard at the counter, but you won’t get a cheese sauce or cup of mustard like with some other pretzels around Disney World.

Jumbo Pretzel

However, the quality of this pretzel was superb! I’ve had some other large pretzels in Disney World that were tough or hard on the outside, and this one was incredibly soft despite its size. It was thoroughly salted, although the salt had a hard time sticking to the outside in some spots and made a mess falling off the pretzel and onto my table. They serve you the pretzel in a bag, so if you’re like me and can’t finish it, you can take it with you around the park as an all-day snack.

That’s a lot of pretzel!

Last but not least, we need dessert! The Pretzel Bread Pudding is probably my favorite item on the Sommerfest menu, and it’s available for just $4.79. That’s a CHEAP snack!

Pretzel Bread Pudding

The texture is soft with a bit of chew, just like you’d expect from a perfect bread pudding. There are bits of pretzel on top, and it has kind of a sweet-and-salty flavor profile going on. The vanilla and caramel sauces are creamy and sweet, a really delicious pairing that makes this treat so much better.

Honestly, this is a top-tier EPCOT dessert for me!


So how does Sommerfest stack up?


Sommerfest is a GREAT spot if you’re interested in picking up a German-inspired snack, especially if you want a classic pretzel or bratwurst. The Pretzel Bread Pudding is a great inventive twist on a pretzel, and it has become an EPCOT icon in the past few years that it has been in the park.


I’m also usually a big fan of Mobile Order, and the fact that this is one of the few World Showcase spots that offers it earns Sommerfest a spot on my nice list.

Nosh or Not?

Stop by Sommerfest for a snack if…

  • You want to try a German classic. Both the pretzel and the bratwurst are quite good and a nice, simple representation of German cuisine.
  • You want to try the iconic Pretzel Bread Pudding. Yep, this treat is worth a visit all on its own! That sweet-and-salty combo is SO yummy.
  • You need some carbs to wash down your beer. Sommerfest isn’t usually the spot of choice for a beer, but it’s nearby and a great spot for carb-loaded snacks.

Skip Sommerfest and keep on strolling if…

  • The menu options don’t interest you. This may seem like an obvious one, but with only three items, there isn’t much variety here. Picky eaters might not like this spot as much as some others nearby, like Regal Eagle in the American Adventure.
  • You want a more special experience. For more authentic and sophisticated German food, try making a reservation for Biergarten next door instead!
  • You’re just interested in the beer/drinks. For that, people typically stop at Bier und Bretzeln out in the pavilion, or in Weinkeller.


That’s a wrap on my visit to Sommerfest, thanks for coming along!

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