The next Doom game is apparently called The Dark Ages and will go all Army of Darkness in a medieval world

The next Doom game – the first new instalment in over four years, after Doom Eternal – is reportedly taking a leaf out of Evil Dead: Army of Darkness’ necronomicon by transporting the Doom Slayer back to a medieval world to presumably battle hellspawn. According to a new report, it’s subtitled The Dark Ages and we’ll get an official reveal next week.

That’s all according to a report from Insider Gaming, who claim that Doom: The Dark Ages has been in the works over at Id Software for over four years now. It’s also said to be the final name for the game previously known as Doom: Year Zero, mentioned on a document from 2020 that surfaced last year as part of Microsoft’s accidental leak during their legal wrestle with the Federal Trade Commission around the Activision-Blizzard merger.

Insider Gaming claim that The Dark Ages – as the name implies – will be set in a “medieval-inspired Doom world”. Beyond that, we currently know very little – but I do like the idea of the Doom Slayer clashing his Crucible blade against the swords and armour of medieval minions. Of, y’know, ripping and tearing through them with a whole load of guns.

Rumours of a new Doom game have been swirling recently, after Zenimax registered a trademark for “IDKFA” – harking back to classic Doom cheat codes – and multiple outlets including Eurogamer and The Verge reported that a nuDoom would appear during the Xbox Games Showcase at this year’s Summer Geoff Fest, which this latest report claims to have verified. That means we should see and hear more in just under two weeks, on Sunday June 9th.

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