The Maw – 28th May-1st June 2024

At intervals in our relentless battles with the Maw, we lose people. Sometimes, it’s because those people have succeeded in levelling up out of games journalism, or found their way into another echelon of the craft. Other times, the losses are more abrupt and arbitrary. In each case, one short term response is intensification. Those of us who remain must be rockier, paperier and more shotgun than ever before. With that in mind, here are this (four-day) week’s new PC games of note.

28th May brings a welcome dose of calm in the shape of Populousy god sim Reus 2, in which you are a bunch of feelgood chthonic monsters tending to a 2D planet. On the 29th May, there’s a couple of turn-based tactics games – Capes, which features superheroes, and Trash Of The Titans, which features racoons (Nic: “pop this in ur maw roundup it looks exquisite”). They’re joined by Nine Sols, a Sekiro-inspired metroidvania from the developers of horror game all-timer Devotion.

On the 30th, we’ve got Skald: Against The Black Priory, a party-based CRPG which has been recommended to me by both journalists and developers, and [ECHOSTASIS], a mind-diving sci-fi FPS puzzle extravaganza with a corroded CRT aesthetic so swish I’m willing to forgive the dizzy parenthetical all-caps title. Closing us out on the 31st, there’s the early access release of Selaco, an original shooter created in GZDoom, which has won the enthusiasm of no less a sinful icon than John Romero.

As ever, you can follow our efforts to report the news and appease the Maw in the below weeklong liveblog, and recommend games or topics for coverage in the comments thread that dangles from this post like a Barnacle’s tongue. Have a good week all and best of luck to James Gournalists everywhere.

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