Rusty Lake-Style Mystery Game, The Flower Of Evil, Drops On Android

By admin May28,2024

After The Mind Crime: Murder Mystery, Carbon Atom Studio has a new mystery for you to solve. It’s called The Flower of Evil. It blends the classic point-and-click adventure with visual novel elements and loads of puzzles.

Can You Crack The Case?

You step into the shoes of Detective Lela in The Flower of Evil. She’s a private investigator who takes up a decades-old murder case. It’s 27 years, to be precise! The case is brimming with secrets, puzzles and unexpected twists. There was an explosion due to Thizz inhalers, a dangerous hallucinogenic.

Now, Lela might seem a bit silly at first, but her backstory is something that will make you like her. Actually, she used to be a cop, and her best friend died while they were investigating the inhalers. So, you see that the murder isn’t just another case for her; it’s personal. You’ll also meet a bunch of other interesting characters like Officer Elsa, Chelsea and Doctor Lucas Totten, Elsa’s friend.

Speaking of the Tottens, it’s the family around which the mystery revolves. There are over 100 unique puzzles which are integrated into the storyline with various difficulty levels. You also get a hint system which you can tap if you’re stuck at any level. Visually, The Flower of Evil has a comic-book vibe with hand-drawn art.

Catch a glimpse of the trailer of The Flower of Evil below!

Will You Try The Flower of Evil?

A mix of mystery and adventure, the game is full of clever puzzles. It’s sleuthing inspired by classics like Sherlock Holmes but with fresh narratives and a contemporary edge. Why don’t you check the game out on the Google Play Store?

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