REVIEW: There’s a NEW Disney Choco Taco, But You’ve Gotta Eat It FAST

By admin May28,2024

Ah, the Choco Taco. It’s the stuff of childhood, neighborhood ice cream truck nostalgia.


The Choco Taco is (according to it’s label) a “Dessert Taco! It’s Genius!” After disappearing from ice cream trucks and grocery shelves in 2022, the Choco Taco is back in 2024 at some Taco Bell restaurants. Which is, also, genius. Now a brand-new restaurant in Downtown Disney has introduced a fancy, grown-up “Choco Taco,” and, well, you just know we were gonna try it for ya!

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Tiendita is the NEW quick-service restaurant in Downtown Disney from Michelin Starred Chef Carlos Guytan.


The restaurant opened in late April, and we have enjoyed the tacos, nachos, and ceviche we’ve tried there.

Tiendita full spread

But now we’re back to try a dessert — the Ice Cream Taco.

Ice Cream Taco from Tiendita

Yep. It looks like a Choco Taco — but it’s been taken up a notch. Or SEVERAL notches, actually. First up, that’s a chocolate-covered waffle rolled like a taco. But inside, rather than the vanilla ice cream you might be expecting, there is salted caramel banana ice cream — looks like we’ve got a little Bananas Foster-flavored action happening.

Ice Cream Taco from Tiendita

All of these flavors worked really well to make for a higher quality version of the classic Choco Taco. The waffle was sweet and fresh with a layer of rich chocolate on the inside as well as on top of the waffle/taco. The salted caramel banana ice cream was absolutely our favorite part. It added hints of salted caramel which went perfectly with the chocolatey flavors, while the banana flavor was so fresh and natural.

There’s just one thing wrong with this dessert…it’s gonna melt on you!

Yeah, it’s a tad messy.

So keep in mind that you’ll want to eat this Ice Cream Taco quickly, because we are still mourning all those drops of that delicious salted caramel banana ice cream that were lost to the California heat.

Ice Cream Taco

This dessert cost $8, and we felt like it was a great value for the quality of dessert we got. We love that this fancy dessert is available at a pick-up window in Downtown Disney, so that we can go back again and again for this treat without having to have a reservation.

Read our full review of Tiendita right here.

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