Anthology of the Killer is out now, bringing murder to your doorstep

By admin May28,2024

A whopping 1000 corpses have been found in our ongoing investigation into Anthology of the Killer, Rock Paper Shotgun can reveal. The bodies were discovered in the aforementioned murder mystery “video game”, which is out now on Following our previous reports we can confirm that exposure to the game’s crime-infested city can cause severe disorientation, confusion, uncontrolled fits of laughter, and moderate enlightenment. The streets here are so dense with crime that entire apartment blocks must shutter at night. When Rock Paper Shotgun reported the 1000 corpses to detectives, we were told this was “normal” and “appropriate”.

Anthology of the Killer was last sighted at the IGF Awards, where it won the Nuovo Award, traditionally given to experimental games that “push the boundaries”. Those dangerous boundaries continue to be pushed by the game’s principal creator, Stephen “thecatamites” Gillmurphy. The enigmatic perpetrator of these, yes, entirely fictional murders, has now released his felonious software upon the public at large, demanding a reprehensible $6 for the death-fuelled interactive entertainment. That is the price of one entire pain au chocolat from Caffè Nero! Or perhaps half au chocolat, please check our latest economics editorial for clarity on this matter.

It is believed that Anthology of the Killer follows the daily life of one “BB”, an employee of a life insurance firm who prints zines on the side using company resources. This innocent and hardworking young woman is soon thrown into a twisting nightmare of crime, living out nine episodes of terror including Voice of the Killer, Eyes of the Killer, Blood of the Killer, Heart of the Killer, Drool of the Killer, and many Others of the Killer. A soundtrack composed by similarly shadowy entity Tommy Tone is also present, causing fear and/or amusement in unequal measure to those with ears. Ears of the Killer is also included.

Please see our previous reports on this matter for more information. Stay safe.

By admin

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