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By admin May27,2024
Feature image for our Sol's RNG Twilight guide. It shows a corridor in a cave lit with candles.

Ready to be over the moon about one of the Era 5 Auras in Sol’s RNG? Our Sol’s RNG Twilight guide gives you all you need to know about the starry-eyed new special Aura and how to get the best chances of rolling it.

Sol’s RNG is a Roblox game that really throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! If you’re out to keep rolling then take a look at our Sol’s RNG codes guide.

Sol’s RNG Twilight Guide

About Twilight

Twilight is a special Aura available as of the Era 5 update. It has your avatar sitting on an outline of a crescent moon, with a rotating star and constellations fading in and out, as well as a halo above. Pretty!

How To Get Twilight

Twilight appears at a base chance of 1 in 600,000, though that’s not the whole story. Twilight, as the name might hint, it appears at those odds only at night. You can roll it at other times through the Breakthrough mechanic, but at a significantly lower chance, only 1 in 6,000,000. So nighttime is your best bet.

Even then, you might be rolling for a while at those odds.

There are a few ways to increase your chances, though!

  • Lucky Potions raise your luck by 100% and you can find them around the map.
  • Items like the Luck Glove and Exo Gauntlet raise your luck, and you can use them forever!
  • Complete the platform-hopping for a 30% luck boost when you touch the green beacon.

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