Game dev challenges other devs to multiply something in their game by 1000, triggering landslide of chaotic videos

By admin May27,2024

I think most would agree that the artist formerly known as Twitter has never been in more need of a thermonuclear cleansing. The Musk era has transformed what was already fondly known as a hellsite into something at once more obnoxious and sadder, whether you’re talking about the web3 grifters or the resurgent debate-me cryptofascists or the recommendation algorithm’s perceptibly greater enthusiasm for quote-tweet flamebait.

Still, there are lights in the darkness. Yesterday, Graham pointed us towards a thread started by The End Is Nigh developer Tyler Glaiel in which he challenged other developers to “take a short break, pick a number in your code or data files, multiply it by 1000, and post the results”. Other developers have heeded the call. Here’s a round-up of the results that doubles as a watery echo of Alice0’s (RPS in peace) old Screenshot Saturday Monday features.

Let’s kick off with this instance of senior citizen rage from Kirt Olson and the World’s Worst Handyman.

If you’re keen on multipliers in Balatro, this probably counts as extreme pornography.

I didn’t realise Hauntii had rollercoasters. This one would make a fine particle accelerator.

An oddly mesmerising contribution from Mytino Games, who is working on “a 2D physics sandbox game with survival/RPG elements”.

Some extra-tactical wall-bouncing in Combo Devils (incidentally, I’ve just discovered Infil’s fighting game glossary, which seems both robust and accessible).

Seeing as though this is a stealth Alice0 appreciation post, a shout-out for one of her recent discoveries, the brilliantly awful Buckshot Roulette.

And finally, there’s the one in the article header image, a gigantified version of Storm The Court from Ryan Kamins, Marathon lighting lead at Bungie.

There’s plenty more in the thread, though admittedly quite a lot of them are variations on the theme of getting launched by a giant in Skyrim or just shooting a thousand fireballs at once. If it leaves you hungry for indie oddities, TwiXer have apparently just updated their algorithm to boost smaller creators, and various developers (plus a non-zero quantity of horny anime fan artists) have been posting their work to test this. Find a few of them in the QTs and replies to this xeet from CultureCrave.

By admin

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