Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret Guide

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If you’re working your way through the classic event there might be a few more cryptic quests that you’re a little stuck on. Fortunately, we’re delving into the world of bloxy cola and noob skins to bring you the answers, and let’s start with the tricky subject of the Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret quest.

Head on over to the Roblox The Classic Hub to take part yourself. We’ve also got a Residence Massacre guide for anyone who wants to keep the retro aesthetic going.

Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret

Wardrobe Secret is one of the quests in the Roblox The Classic hub, and it’s one of the more.. mysterious ones, as the quest page doesn’t really give any clues about how to find it. I guess if they were straightforward it wouldn’t be a secret. Don’t worry though, we know the exact route.

How To Get The Wardrobe Secret

Right, let’s run over the steps, with screenshots to help you out.

First, head on over to the tower structure near spawn. Head on up the steps to the top and.. watch out for other players with rocket launchers!

Once you reach the top, you should see a big pot of gold in the distance. That’s your goal. But how do you get there? With the magic word.

Type rainbow into the chat box.

Voila, a bridge appears! Head on over it to reach the pot of gold.

Once you’re at the gold pot, there’s no obvious way forward, but it’s just another hidden passage. Part of the gold floor isn’t solid, and you can drop through. We’ve got a screen of the rough position, just walk around until you find it and fall through.

You should drop down into a secret area, with a camera, director’s chair, wardrobe, and, most importantly, a token! Head on over and interact with the token to pick it up and.. congrats! You’re completed the quest and earned a token.

The wardrobe location and token screen for our Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret guide.

That’s one on your counter and one step closer to snagging those sweet limited-run accessories. Head up the ladder and back to the fountain area in the hub to trade in tokens and pick another challenge. You can use the command rainbow again to bring the bridge back if it disappeared.

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