REVIEW: We Ate Out of a BATHTUB at Disney’s H2O Glow Night Event at Typhoon Lagoon!

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It’s time to EAT!

Typhoon Lagoon After Hours

We’ve been checking out Disney’s H2O Glow After Hours event at the Typhoon Lagoon water park, and there’s a lot to do! You can hop on rides with shorter-than-usual wait times, meet characters, and visit the DJ dance party. But you’re bound to get hungry doing all of that partying, so let’s check out some of the food at this event!

The H2O Glow After Hours Event takes place on select nights from May 25th through August 31st. It runs from 8PM to 11PM, but if you have a ticket, you can enter the park a little before the event, at 6PM. Tickets cost $75 or $85 (depending on the date), and Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members get a $15 discount.

H2O Glow Nights at Typhoon Lagoon

At H2O Glow Night, you can get some snacks for FREE, including ice cream treats, popcorn, and some drinks. To find the snack carts with the free snacks, check the event guide map that you can grab at the front of the park when you arrive.

You’ll find popcorn and novelty items at the following locations.

  • Fred’s Scuba Shop
  • Happy Landings
  • Lowtide Lou’s
  • Tropical Amity Outpost

Complimentary soft drinks are available at the following locations.

  • Leaning Palms
  • Lowtide Lou’s
  • Snack Shack
  • Surf Doggies
  • Tropical Amity Outpost

Leaning Palms

However, the free treats aren’t the only eats available. Some of the restaurants inside Typhoon Lagoon are open during H2O Glow Night, and they added some specialty menu items just for the event! 

We stopped by the Snack Shack for the Bathtub Float! It has DOLE whip pineapple and strawberry, green matcha tea soft-serve, and Sprite topped with whipped cream, popping boba pearls, cherries, and blue simple syrup in a souvenir bathtub. All food should come served in a bathtub, right?! You can pick up this snack for $16.49.

To our surprise, we thought the strawberry and the matcha soft-serves were creamier than the pineapple DOLE whip in this float! The Sprite ends up getting mixed with the blue raspberry syrup, so it’s like a blue raspberry soda! However, it’s at the very bottom of the bathtub and very hard to get to unless you’re willing to dig through it or wait until half of your ice cream melts off first. Overall, it’s a pretty messy treat. Unless you eat it super fast, everything melts over the edges of the tub. But don’t let that deter you!

Bathtub Float

It’s a LOT of flavor in your mouth between the popping Boba and all the different ice cream flavor combinations. It is very sweet, so be sure that you’re ready for something really sweet here.

Next up, is the Large Strawberry-Green Matcha Swirl Cone, also at Snack Shack! This is a new treat that is a waffle cone with DOLE whip strawberry and green matcha tea soft-serve topped with assorted candy. It is $6.29!

This is the same strawberry and matcha DOLE whip as was in the Bathtub Float, along with two strawberry Pocky sticks, and fish gummy candies (like Swedish Fish). This is definitely more of a kid’s treat. Again it’s super messy and melts really quickly. We also noticed that the fish seem to swim right off, so we suggest eating them right away! Even though it’s messy, this is a tasty treat. We really liked the strawberry and matcha combination. It’s a light matcha flavor, that’s not very strong. Overall, we enjoyed this treat and it was a fun, special dessert for the event!

Strawberry Matcha Swirl Cone

Next up, Spiced Chicken Strip Waffle Wrap at Typhoon Tilly’s for $11.79! This is another new treat, and we were so excited to try it. I mean it’s chicken and waffles with BACON. Yum! You get sriracha and maple-spiced chicken strips with bacon wrapped in a specialty waffle with a side of coleslaw.

The waffle has a hint of maple flavoring, and it’s like a longer fried bubble waffle, which we thought was unique. It’s a cool spin on sweet and spicy chicken and waffles, and the candied bacon is crispy and delicious. The bacon is a bit harder because it has been candied. The chicken is covered in like a sweet sriracha sauce, which at first tastes sweet until the heat hits you after a few seconds. It’s got a little bit of a bite to it. The coleslaw is fine but nothing special.

Spiced Chicken Strip Waffle Wrap

Finally, we stopped over at Leaning Palms for the all-new items! We grabbed the DOLE Whip pineapple hard cider float for $12.49 and the Jalapeño Popper Burger for $14.79.

First up, the burger! This one is a sweet burger, surprisingly! The bacon had a sweet coating, but it was crispy and chewy. The burger was good, but certainly not the best Disney World burger. The meat patty was thin, but the sauce and cheese helped it out. The jalapeño poppers are the star of this show! They’re hot and honestly, if they had served them by themselves we would’ve preferred just those.

Jalapeño Popper Burger and fries

Finally, the DOLE Whip pineapple hard cider float! This is a pretty heavy pairing. It’s basically a boozy DOLE Whip Float but we almost prefer the bubbly hard cider to the rum version. It’s closer to a true float with soda. It’s very pineapple, so if you don’t like pineapple, we don’t recommend this. We also noticed that the cider isn’t very strong.

DOLE Whip Pineapple Hard Cider Float

During H2O Glow Night, you can get on some popular rides with lower wait times because the capacity of the park is reduced during the party. Here’s a list of all the rides that are open during the party:

  • Bay Slides
  • Castaway Creek
  • Crush ‘n’ Gusher
  • Gangplank Falls
  • Humunga Kowabunga
  • Mayday Falls
  • Miss Adventure Falls
  • Storm Slides
  • Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

Typhoon Lagoon

Don’t forget to stop by the DJ dance party, too! Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on the latest Disney news.

Click here to learn more about Typhoon Lagoon water park.



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