Getting sick of getting kicked out of a Helldivers 2 session right before a mission ends? Arrowhead is “working on a solution”

Helldivers 2 still has a problem with players getting kicked out of missions by griefers, but Arrowhead has at least promised a solution is on the way.

In this day and age, it’s pretty necessary to allow lobby leaders in games to kick players out of a squad if they’re causing trouble. After all, if someone is just taking the mick, harassing other players, or anything similar, it can really ruin the experience of playing. It could especially cause problems in a game like Helldivers 2 which features friendly fire – just imagine if players could come in and kill other players without consequences. But, Helldivers 2 actually has a different problem that comes from the ability to kick other players out – one that sees lobby leaders kicking others out right before a mission ends so they can’t benefit from the results.

Right now, there’s no solution to this problem, but as spotted by, over in the official Helldivers 2 Discord, a spark of hope has at least been offered. After one member of the server asked if players could “keep 50 percent of the samples collected if [they] get kicked by an arsehole lobby leader when the dropship has been called” community manager Twinbeard shared that Arrowhead is “actually working on a solution to mitigate problems with, well, ‘getting kicked by an arsehole lobby leader’ as someone once eloquently put it. No ETA on that, but it’s coming.”

Things have been quite dramatic in the Helldivers 2 community recently, given the whole PSN requirement controversy (that got walked back though, so don’t worry) and on top of that Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt has stepped down from his role too. That one isn’t so bad though, as he’s staying on at the company as chief creative officer, all so he can spend more time with the team and focus on the game and its community, so overall, something that sounds like a good decision.

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