Get one of the best wireless gaming mice for less when you buy it with this mouse mat

By admin May26,2024

If you’re after a lightweight wireless mouse to help you win more games of Counter-Strike 2 or Valorant, then the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless 2 is definitely one to consider.

It is fairly expensive, with an RRP of £149, but right now at Currys there’s an interesting deal that lets you get the Superlight 2 for just over £105 if you buy it with an ADX Lava mouse mat. Sorry, “Gaming Surface”:

Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless 2

The mouse itself is already on sale for £119, but to get this even lower price, you just need to scroll down to the “Buy together and save” section – it’s in-between the overview and product information – and click the “Add bundle to basket” button.

I’m a big fan of the Superlight Wireless 2 mouse; I reviewed it for Digital Foundry when it released in September last year, and it’s been my daily driver since then. Hardware ed James uses one with the RPS testing rig, too. It’s incredibly light at just 60 grams, and it keeps the same elegant and comfortable design that made the first G Pro X Superlight mouse so popular.

The upgrades Logitech made with the Superlight 2 are also impressive, with a battery that will get you up to 95 hours on a single charge, USB-C charging, a new version of the Hero sensor that reaches 32,000dpi, and very satisfying hybrid optical-mechanic switches.

The Superlight 2 is still much more expensive than the G Pro Wireless, which has been one of the best gaming mice in its own right for ages, but if you’re looking for the peak of performance in your games then the Superlight is a great pick.

This deal applies to the black version of the Superlight 2, strangely the white version of the mouse is on sale for £134 by itself, and you can do the same bundle trick and get it with the mouse mat for £117.19 instead.

If you want to further upgrade your gaming setup, you can have a read through the RPS best gaming keyboards guide to see what you could pair with the Pro X Superlight 2, including the Pro X TKL that released alongside it.

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