Roblox The Classic Cloud Secret Guide

If you’re out token hunting in Roblox The Classic this weekend, some of the goals might have you scratching your head. Don’t worry though, at Droid Gamers we’ve set out to uncover any secrets The Classic has to offer, and this time around it’s the Roblox The Classic Cloud Secret quest.

If you want to get stuck in, head on over to the Roblox The Classic hub to play for yourself. We’ve also got a Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret guide for another of the more obscure quest solutions.

Roblox The Classic Cloud Secret Guide

Cloud Secret is one of the more cryptic quests available in The Classic Hub, and has a coveted token at the end as a reward, you have every reason to uncover that secret. Read on below to see our instructions, along with some useful screenshots to help you orient yourself.

How To Find The Cloud Secret

The Cloud Secret is all about making a leap of faith, but you need to know exactly where to leap if you want a token instead of a very long fall.

First you need to find the race track. This is underneath the starting area. You can fall down from the edge, but the easiest way to find it is looking for the hole with the ladder and the checkered flag. Head down there and you should find yourself by the track’s starting line.

Walk across the checkered line to the other side of the track. You should see a little ledge sticking out into the void. The right ledge has a read flower right on the furthest point, so it’s super easy to recognize if you know what you’re looking for.

Make your way to the edge of the flower ledge. Once you get there carefully edge along in, and drop off the very end. You should fall, drop down through the clouds, and land on a secret platform beneath, inside of a cloud. On that platform, you’ll find your token. Hold your interaction command to pick it up and do your celebration dance.

Now you’ll need to actually jump off the edge to get back up to the starting area. You keep your token though, so it’s all good!

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