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Our Roblox The Classic All Tix Locations has listed the locations of all the Tix and where to find them, so you can collect them all.

For more information on the event, or to play for yourself, visit the official Roblox website. We also have a All Roblox Classic Items and How to Get Them guide and a Roblox Classic Character Doors Guide.

Roblox The Classic All Tix Locations

Tix are used for a variety of quests during the event!

Tix In The Main Part Of The Game

  • The first Tix can be found by turning right at the shop. You will find a purple platform with ‘Tix’ written above it. Simply interact with it, and it’s all yours
  • There is a Tix in the back of the main part of the game. You can find it on the right hand side before the shop
  • Use the slingshot to fly over to where the Rhino Beetle spawns to find another Tix
  • Go to where the bundle of mushroom platforms are. You will find a small bundle of three as well as one large one. The Tix is located on the medium size mushroom in the bundle

Teleport To These Tix

  • A Tix is located on the island with the build board that you can teleport to.  You will find two trees on the edge of the island, and the Tix is in-between them
  • From there, teleport to the island with the house on it. Walk to the left side of the house to find it
  • Walk inside the house to the yellow spawn platform. Use that to teleport to the next location, and you will see a large glass building. There is a Tix located to the left side of it
  • From here you need to get on top of the tree that the Tix is infront of. To do this, walk inside the glass building and climb up the ladder that is on the left wall. It will take you to the top of the building. From there, jump down on top of the tree to get it
  • Once jumping on the tree, you will find a red spawn platform. Use that to teleport to the next area, which has a building with yellow stairs. Climb to the top and use the blue spawn platform to teleport. This bring you to an island with a slide and some water. Get in the water to get the Tix

Mini Game Tix

  • Spawn into the mini game. There is a Tix right at the start located in the left hand corner
  • On the opposite side to where you’re standing is a Tix in the right hand corner
  • Behind the bricks that are lined up on the end is a Tix

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