One-of-a-kind strategy sim Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic gets 1.0 release next month

By admin May24,2024

Slovak studio 3Division’s city-building strategy sim Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will leave early access on 20th June 2024 – a welcome blast of no-nonsense, planned-economy Soviet realism in the wake of the decadent capitalist theatrics of Summer Games Fest. Here’s a triumphal trailer with many a joyful image of high-density housing and locomotives in the snow.

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…and here’s a resplendent bullet-point breakdown of the 1.0 launch from publishers Hooded Horse, who are elsewhere notorious for inflicting feudal village-coddler Manor Lords upon the world. You know the old proverb: you can lead a Hooded Horse to communism, but you cannot make it seize the means of production. Yeah, I don’t really know where I’m going with that. It’s dialectics at a standstill, maybe. Perhaps we should allocate more resources to infrastructure, to get dialectics moving again.

– New buildings to enrich the lives of citizens through entertainment and fitness, including the amphitheater, and a large stadium.

– Additional playgrounds for the younger generation to stay healthy.

– Brand new Western vehicles to expand the nation’s transit network.

– Revamped education system to maximize the potential reach of teachers.

– Graphical improvements to the electronics components factory, woodcutting post, sawmill, panels factory, and many more key buildings.

– Improved factory connection nodes to facilitate a better flow of resources across complex production chains.

– Plenty of other quality-of-life fixes and HUD tweaks.

I only know about Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic thanks to Sin Vega, who has written some pretty glorious things about it and the light it shines on other city-builders. It’s been going down well on celebrated socialist platform Steam, and I see no reason why that won’t continue once it hits the big 1.0.

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