The best Alices in PC games

By admin May23,2024

At RPS we like Alices. When somebody comes along with the name “Alice” you don’t just say “oh hi” like some insolent rube. You nod with solemn respect and you say, “Alice”. An Alice is someone you should not take lightly, nor take for granted, nor leave unmonitored. For they will destroy worlds and build better ones while you are not looking. This is dangerous and exciting. Alices are a force to be reckoned with. To treat an Alice poorly is to invite shame, dishonour, and contempt. Here are some of the best Alices in video games!

American McGee’s Alice

Alice gets ready to fight and destroy two of the Queen of Hearts' soldiers.
Image credit: Electronic Arts

In American McGee’s Alice, the world is a continually shifting nightmare with one anchor of solace and stability: Alice. If you took Alice away from this game, what would you be left with? Just American McGee! And no offence to Mr McGee but, frankly, that is not good enough. Alice made this game the well-loved and curiosity-driven adventure it is.

Richard and Alice

Alice destroys the figure of the Virgin Mary in a church.
Image credit: Owl Cave

In this post-apocalyptic point ‘n’ click, Alice is the carer of a hungry and sick child. She is the one who makes things happen, fighting back against a harsh and horrific world reminiscent of The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Alice protects little Richard for as long as she is physically able.

Disney Alice in Wonderland

The cast of animal characters meet Alice in Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Image credit: Disney

In this 2010 retelling of Alice’s time in Wonderland, the heroine cuts off the head of the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal sword and then goes home. This is characteristic of the can-do attitude of Alices we have observed. Imagine having your head cut off! That would make everything incredibly difficult.


A strange character in Alice! defends a castle.
Image credit: Pixel Laboratory

Looks like a game in which Alice defeats the chaotic legions of her enemies as they attack a fortress. I have never played this, but it is in keeping with the behaviour of Alices. Do you have an Alice in your life? Do they also improve things at your castle? Do they also approach their work with absolute laser focus? These are rhetorical questions, barely fit for publication.


But that’s it, readers. That’s literally ALL the Alices we can possibly think of.

What about you? Can you think of any Alices who deserve to be celebrated?

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