Destiny 2 is mighty lucky it has good shooting because it’s impenetrable otherwise

By admin May23,2024

In a twist of fate I’ve mentioned in some recent Destiny 2 news posts, I am fully back into Destiny. Former vidbud Liam and I used it, initially, as something we could do while catching up on life. But now? Now we’re all in. Liam has created a spreadsheet of things we’re ticking off to prepare for the upcoming expansion, and I think it’s the perfect summation of what the game is to us: something that makes no sense at all and yet something that makes our brains hum with happiness.

And what we’ve found with Destiny, in all of its bloat, is that we haven’t explored for a single second since our return. Everything is accomplished through menus, making it quite Starfield-esque, which is terrible… but also good. We can’t make sense of it and we don’t think we ever will.

By admin

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