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Following its announcement back in December last year, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the sequel to Cozy Grove, will finally be releasing soon worldwide on Netflix Games for iOS and Android. Cozy Grove itself was on Apple Arcade, but it was removed, and is currently on PC and console with no mobile version. Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit has you taking on the role of a Spirit Scout on a haunted island befriending many ghostly bears, being a part of ghost stories, and more. Cozy Grove itself was great despite the few technical issues I ran into, but Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit looks like a nice follow-up. Watch the new Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit pre-registration trailer below:

As of now, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is only announced for Netflix, and Spry Fox was acquired by Netflix back in 2022, so it remains to be seen whether it hits other platforms or not. This will be the studio’s first game since the acquisition. If you’d like to play Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit at launch, you can pre-register for it using this link. Check out the official game website here. Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit has soft launched, but it will be available to all as of June 25th. I’m interested to see how it does on Netflix, and also whether we see it expand to consoles. Have you played Cozy Grove on Apple Arcade and will you be checking out Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on Netflix for iOS and Android when it launches?

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