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Our Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get Gems And Gold Fast guide shares the best ways to get gems and gold in the game, so you can save up!

To play for yourself, visit the official Roblox website. We also have a Attack On Titan Revolution Controls Guide and a How to Unlock Attack on Titan Revolution Titan Shifting guide for you to check out if you need some extra help.

Attack On Titan Revolution How To Get Gems Fast

Gems and Gold are the currency in AOT Revolution, and they are used to purchase better items and weapons. We’ve found the best ways for you to get them, so you can save up and get something good! You know what they say… good things don’t come cheap.

AFK Mode

AFK mode is a zone in Attack On Titan Revolution that gives away Gold and Gems for free. To enter the mode, simply select ‘AFK Zone’ in the main menu, which will put you in the mode. From there, keep the window you’re using to play the game open, or leave it running in the background… you don’t actually have to do anything! Once you’re done, select the yellow ‘Claim’ button at the bottom of the screen, which will add your rewards to the total. Once you hit claim, it will take you to the main menu again.

Private Servers

If you play in a private server, you will get an additional 5% boost of  EXP, Luck, and gold. You can create a private server to play with friends. So, not only can you play with your friends, but you get rewarded for doing so!


When doing a Prestige, you unlock in return memories. When you are choosing a memory, you get the option of a Luck Boost, EXP Boost, and Gold Boost. Choose the Gold Boost to get some Gold.

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