A NEW Stanley Water Bottle Collection Just Dropped on Amazon!

By admin May23,2024

Ok, y’all, we LOVE having our Stanley mugs with us everywhere we go.

We even take our Stanley to Disney World!

The large tumblers are great for keeping us hydrated every day of the week, especially in the hot Disney World parks. Plus, Stanley keeps coming out with more and more adorable colors of these mugs which make it extremely difficult to turn them down. Every time a new color comes out, we’re sure they can’t get any better — and then they do! So, we’re here to show you the latest and greatest Stanley color, because it’s AMAZING.

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Stanley has come out with a beautiful subdued green color mug that is called “Matcha.” Yep, it reminds us exactly of the pretty green drink that we’re pretty sure has calming effects. However, this mug is doing everything except calming us down as we RUSH to Amazon to buy it!

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It’s beauty and grace. This gorgeous matcha-colored mug needs to be part of our collection. The mug comes in two styles as all Stanley mugs do, one with a handle and one without. If you like having a handle to hold on to while you’re walking around, then grab the handled variation here!

Get It Here!


On the other hand, if you prefer NOT to have a handle so it doesn’t get in the way, you can also get the sleek, non-handled variation. Both are that same pretty matcha green color, so you can be happy with either one you get!

Get It Here!

We are always on the lookout for new water bottles, Disney souvenirs, and more to help make your next vacation better. Having a water bottle in the parks is a great way to stay hydrated, so consider one of these mugs or pick up a different one at the link below.

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