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Unsure How To Get Luck In Attack On Titan Revolution? Well, call us your lucky charm! Our guide explains how you can become the luckiest there is, and the best way to get luck in Attack On Titan Revolution.

To test out your luck, visit the official Roblox website. We also have a Attack On Titan Revolution Perks guide and a Attack On Titan Revolution ODM Gear Guide for you to check out.

How To Get Luck In Attack On Titan Revolution

Luck is very important to have as it increases your chances of getting perks, Prestige Scrolls, and gems. We’ve listed all the best and easiest ways for you to increase your luck in Attack On Titan Revolution.

Luck Quests

This is one of the easier ways to get lucky. Go to the ‘Quests’ menu and select ‘Side Quests’. Completing the different side quests will give you permanent luck boosts. Different quests provide different amount of luck boosts, but either way, a little bit of luck is better than nothing!


Luck positions are also an easy way to get lucky. When you drink a potion, it will also double your base luck.


When doing a Prestige, you unlock memories. When you choosing a memory, you get the option of Luck Boost, EXP Boost, and Gold Boost. Of course, choose the Luck Boost if you want some luck.

Private Servers

If you play the game in a private server, you get an additional 5% boost of luck, EXP, and gold. You can create a private server to play with friends and beside, an adventure is always better together, right? If not, I’d still reccomend a private servers to get the boosts.


You can also get luck through artifacts. The crown artifact gives you a +7.5% luck boost, which is the highest from any other artifact in the game. To get this artifact, you need to complete the Scout Feats achievement.

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