‘Wuthering Waves’ Pre-Download Now Available on iOS and Android Ahead of Full Release Tomorrow – TouchArcade

By admin May21,2024

Story-rich open world action RPG Wuthering Waves from Kuro Games launches worldwide beginning this Wednesday for iOS, Android, and PC. If you pre-ordered or pre-registered for it on mobile, you can now download Wuthering Waves ahead of its full launch. Wuthering Waves is from the developers of Punishing Gray Raven, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing how it feels on iOS for a while now. I just woke up to the pre-download notification on the App Store. If you do pre-download Wuthering Waves, launching it will have you accepting the terms and then a small download of 123MB or so before what seems to be the full in-game download of 6.2GB. If you’ve not followed the game for a while now, watch the newest combat showcase trailer for Wuthering Waves from Kuro Games below:

Check out the official Wuthering Waves website for more character and pre-registration reward details here. If you’d like to play Wuthering Waves from day one, you can now get it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Wuthering Waves is a free to play game, but it has various in app purchases listed including different Lunites packages and even a Lunite subscription. There are two in app purchases of Connoisseur and Insider Channels listed as well. I don’t know what those do yet, but I assume the game will have them listed when it fully launches from May 22nd. What do you think of Wuthering Waves so far and will you be playing it this week?

By admin

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