Why Everyone Is Buying This $14 Extension Cord for Disney World

By admin May21,2024

OK, you might have questions. WHY are people bringing an extension cord to Disney World? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers!

Walt Disney World

Packing for Disney World can be a complicated affair. The weather in Orlando is sometimes unpredictable, so packing layers and a raincoat (DEFINITELY a raincoat) is essential. You’ll also need ALL the sunscreen. And don’t forget the reusable straws so you don’t have to use those paper ones in the parks. While you’re at it, make sure you pack at least one extension cord. 

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OK, time to explain this whole extension cord business.

So here’s the thing. Disney World hotel rooms do have a few outlets in each room, usually including one on either side of each bed. However, those outlets may not have enough plug spots for all of the electronics you need to charge, especially if your hotel room is full to capacity and multiple people have multiple devices to charge.

Table with outlets

If you need to charge your phone, MagicBand+, headphones, laptop, and smart watch, you’re going to need a LOT more outlet spaces. That’s why we recommend bringing this power strip with you!


This power strip has seven ports, including three outlets, two USB-A spots, and two USB-C spots, so you can charge lots of devices at once.


One of its coolest features, though, is the flat plug! Whether you need to access a hard-to-get-to outlet in Disney World or want to use this power strip at home but not have it stick out too far and waste space, that flat plug could come in handy (and it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than a normal plug).


Most people don’t think to toss an extension cord into their suitcase when they’re packing for Disney World, but trust us when we say you’ll be glad if you do! You can get this fancy power strip for 31% off on Amazon right now, so hurry to grab one before the deal ends!

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