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Need some more info on the Attack on Titan Revolution Memories? Before you spend points on a skill tree, make sure you know which Memory type you want. To find out why, read on!

Not hit Prestige yet? Head over to the Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox page to start. Apart from Memories, another big feature of the game is turning into a Titan. So, with that, take a look at our Attack on Titan Revolution Titan Shifting guide to find out how to Titan Shift!

Attack on Titan Revolution Memories

Memories are exclusive to Prestige levels. You need a specific amount of EXP per Prestige level, which in turn, unlocks additional features. For instance, reaching Prestige 1 grants you a second character slot, and Prestige 2 unlocks the third!

  • Prestige 1: 3,518,115 EXP
  • Prestige 2: 5,579,397 EXP
  • Prestige 3: 8,062,125 EXP

For each Prestige level, you also gain a Memory slot. The Memories you obtain mainly depend on your strongest skill tree, so keep that in mind when using your skill tree points!

Types of Memories

As mentioned above, the types of Memories you obtain largely revolve around the skill tree that has the most points.

  • Offensive Memories
  • Support Memories
  • Defense Memories

Offensive Memories

  • 3 Stars
    • Furyforge
      • Each time 1% of your HP is depleted, your DMG is increased by 0.4%
    • Quakestrike
      • Your DMG is increased by 1.5% per kill, which then disappears after you change your blades
  • 2 Stars
    • Stalwart
      • The durability of your blades is increased by 3% per broken part
  • 1 Star
    • Blitzblade
      • Your damage gets a boost when you hold M1
    • Crescendo
      • When a Titan is stunned, your DMG increases by 20%
    • Swiftshot
      • The speed at which you refill is boosted by 25%

Support Memories

  • 3 Stars
    • Flashstep
      • I-Frames unlocked for dashes and flips
    • Omnirage
      • Range skills apply to all surrounding players
    • Vitalize
      • If you save a downed teammate, you both regenerate 10% of your HP and get a 25% DMG boost
  • 2 Stars
    • Lifefeed
      • 3% of your HP replenishes per Titan kill
  • 1 Star
    • Mendmaster
      • +1 bandage when you reload your blades and refill your gas
    • Cooldown Blitz
      • Your Skill Cooldown Reduction is increased by 10%

Defense Memories

  • 3 Stars
    • Vengeflare
      • Reflect DMG dealt to you by 50% for a total of 20 seconds (Tough Nails must be active)
    • Resilience
      • Resist a singular killing blow
  • 2 Stars
    • Aegisurge
      • Summon a shield with 15% of your HP after defeating a Titan, which lasts for 20 seconds
  • 1 Star
    • Deflectra
      • You have a 5% chance to resist against all incoming DMG
    • Guardian
      • You can ignore 2 injuries

How to Reroll Your Memories

To reroll a Memory, you must obtain a Prestige Scroll. This item is a drop via the Aberrant mode, with a 1% drop rate chance. Or, to save time, you can purchase one for 3,999 Gems. When using a Prestige Scroll, you can choose between 3 Memory options.

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