Fantasy-Themed Update ‘The Awakening of White Apathy’ Drops Soon In CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3

By admin May20,2024
featured image for our news on CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3. It features the new cookies, Cloud Haetae and Mystic Flour.

Get ready for another major update in the popular action RPG CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3 of the Beast-Yeast saga. It’s dropping on May 22nd. There will be a load of new stuff to check out. Titled ‘The Awakening of White Apathy’, the CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3 is definitely not short of sweetness!

Here’s What’s In Store!

Beast-Yeast is an Eastern-themed section of the CookieRun: Kingdom map, which offers an Asian-inspired confectionary setting. With this update of CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3, you can dive deeper into the new continent.

The reveal trailer shows two new characters and more for you to explore. You’ll get the ability to recruit the new Cloud Haetae and Mystic Flour cookies to enhance your teams. The update also introduces new costumes, elements and resource buildings.

If you’re not into cookies or baking, CookieRun’s new content adds a ton of crazy ideas for you to enjoy. And speaking of which, check out the CookieRun: Kingdom Episode 3 reveal trailer here!

Love Cookies?

CookieRun: Kingdom is a fun and engaging RPG gacha game by Devsisters. It’s the sixth in the Cookie Run series. Launched worldwide in January 2021 for both Android and iOS, it lets you explore a world filled with new Cookies. You can take on over 200 levels.

The story follows the Cookies as they adjust to life in their new Kingdom after escaping from the witch who created them. They embark on an exciting expedition to rediscover the lost Ancient Kingdoms, all while trying to thwart the sinister plans of Dark Enchantress Cookie. Check it out on the Google Play Store.

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