Attack On Titan Revolution Regiments Guide

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feature image for our AOR: R regiments guide which shows the regiments area in the lobby with the regiment npc stood central waving to the viewer. Either side of their display is two green banners with the survey corps wings of freedom logo over the front

This Attack on Titan Revolution Regiments Guide tells you what a Regiment is, where and how to join one, and its perks!

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Attack On Titan Revolution Regiments Guide

You can browse Regiments by visiting the Regiments area in the lobby, where the Spencer Arlert NPC is waiting. With this NPC, you can join Regiments, and accept Regiment quests and rewards.

Now, sadly, a Regiment breaks away from the F2P experience of Attack on Titan Revolution. It will fetch you 149 Robux to create your own Regiment, and you need to own a Roblox Group. Alternatively, you can join another player if invited and save yourself the cost of creation.

Regiments get access to an exclusive game mode which lets players in a Regiment face off against other Regiment groups in ranked matches, including leaderboards and a unique resource called Honour, obtained from regiment quests.

Weekly, all Regiment players receive rewards for completing the Regiment Quests. The Quests reset weekly, however, the reward is typically the same.

Regiment Tiers

Honour is fed back into the Regiment to expand its reach. To truly prove your Regiment as one of the best on the leaderboards, you’ll want to climb through the tiers and enjoy the extra rewards which accompany the title. As you increase in a tier, you can invite more members to the Regiment.

  • First Tier
    • Member Capacity: 25 Players
    • Honor Required: 0
  • Second Tier
    • Member Capacity: 50 Players
    • Honor Required: 7.5k
  • Third Tier
    • Member Capacity: 75 Players
    • Honor Required: 25k
  • Fourth Tier
    • Member Capacity: 125 Players
    • Honor Required: 50k
  • Fifth Tier
    • Member Capacity: 150 Players
    • Honor Required: 100k

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