What are you playing this weekend?

By admin May19,2024

With the weekend comes time to do what we like. Okay, sometimes there are things we have to do, but it’s mainly a break from responsibilities and the doldrums that made up the week.

This weekend, some of us have caught the Hades-fever which probably isn’t a bad fever to have, from what I’ve heard. Others are revisiting prior releases they enjoy immensely, and others are also finding time to do fun extracurriculars that have nothing to do with games.

Here’s what we’re getting into this weekend:

Warframe | Protea Prime Access Official TrailerWatch on YouTube

Connor Makar, Staff Writer – Warframe

I’m down bad for Warframe again. It just happened, I don’t know how. It might be one of my favorite games of all time. Currently, I’m trying to wrap up the open-world content on Deimos, grab all the weapons, and everything else you have to do.

When not playing Warframe, I’ll fire up the audiobook Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci. It’s rather enjoyable and has turned out to be a nice way of winding down the hours.

Audiobooks are kinda crazy – I feel like I could easily knock out 100+ books a year if I just consume them like this. Then again, I like collecting actual books. Oh well.

Experience the Sujimon game within Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.Watch on YouTube

James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

We’ve been cooking up something Pokemon-related this week, so I’ve been reminiscing about how much I like Pokemon Sun and Moon, or at least its Hawaiian setting.

As it starts to get slightly less freezing in the UK, I’m pining for some summer sun, which Hawaii has in spades. But since my 3DS is deep within some forgotten attic box, I’ll need to look elsewhere for my fix.

That’s where Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth comes in. Not only is it a great summery game set largely in Hawaii (which they decided to throw out in January for some reason), but it’s brilliant and I’ve not completed it, so what more of a reason do I need than that?

GotY-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler Hades is super-popular.Watch on YouTube

Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer – Hades

I haven’t planned much for this weekend – other than trying to sort out my sleep schedule.

After having my wisdom tooth pulled out (thank God), I’ve been falling asleep ridiculously early and waking up between 4-6 am most days this week. They’re boring hours to be awake, but it does mean I’ve been spending my mornings with Hades, which I’ll likely play more of this weekend.

I tried Hades a while back and enjoyed it, but many months later, I haven’t opened it up again. I did just that last week and now, I’ve fully contracted the Hades bug and can’t put it down. I haven’t had time to look at Hades 2 properly yet, but after hearing the great things folks say about it, I’m even more excited to boot up Hades again. Aside from that, you’ll likely find me day drinking in the sun, if it sticks around for the weekend.

Meet the Princess of the Underworld in Hades 2 – now in Steam Early AccessWatch on YouTube

Mark Warren, Senior Staff Writer – Hades 2

Yep, I’m still trying to fight my way to the giant Tory time god that’s desperate to ruin Melinoe’s day. I’ve beaten the one in the big hat, duffed up the X Factor rejects, and the three-headed good boy’s next on the list whenever I can find the time, hopefully, this weekend.

“Mark,” you’re saying, “I’ve finished 15 full runs already, what’s taking you so long? Have you ever considered…” I reply, that it’s hard to play Hades 2 when you refuse to adopt a strategy that isn’t just ‘run and dash in random directions while constantly mashing the attack button.’

Could I be using my brain? Yes, I am – if you mean to take in all the cool dialogue and worldbuilding, then also yes.

A peaceful catnap turns into a whimsical adventure in Little Kitty, Big City.Watch on YouTube

Rebecca Jones, Guides Writer – Little Kitty, Big City and Ghostwire: Tokyo

The news last week that Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks are being shut down hit me pretty hard: Between them, those studios have been responsible for several of my favourite games, including the Dishonored franchise, Prey, and Ghostwire: Tokyo. It’s heartbreaking to see yet more games industry jobs being lost – in a year of layoffs that’s shaping up to be even more brutal than the last, and we’re not even halfway through — and multiple beloved IPs likely sunset all at once.

I’ve meant to find the time to finish 100%ing Ghostwire: Tokyo for ages. Following news of the closure, I’m doing a playthrough, that’s now a memorial to a sequel we’ll probably never see.

On the lighter side – in several scenes – the long-anticipated Little Kitty, Big City finally launched as part of the May 9th indiepocalypse. Entertainingly, it’s also a game about exploring an open-world Japanese city, but it couldn’t be more different from Ghostwire.

A bright and comedic indie featuring a chaotic animal protagonist a la Untitled Goose Game, featuring a two-hour story and another three hours’ worth of side content, all that Little Kitty, Big City has in common with Ghostwire: Tokyo other than the setting is the pivotal importance of cats to both stories.

Hopefully, it’ll prove a cheerful antidote to some of my more melancholy digital wanderings this weekend.

Rotwood is about getting better, getting stronger, and taking on challenges.Watch on YouTube

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor – Lord of the Rings Online, Rotwood

My weekend is rather busy, so I won’t have much downtime. For one, I’ve been coerced into singing with one of my friend’s side bands tonight (he has three) that does covers (Soundgarden, AiC, STP peppered with some Zeppelin, Van Halen, etc.). I haven’t been on a stage in effing years, so I am quite nervous. I’ll down a couple of ciders and then I’ll be okay. I think. Wish me luck!

On Sunday, I have friends coming round so I need to get the house cleaned up a bit. But after they leave, I have plans to play some games.

At some point today I plan to reinstall Lord of the Rings Online now that my PC is up and running again. I need to get back into it and figure out some of the system changes which have me confused beyond belief, so, I’ll have to do some reading up on them before jumping in. But what I’m really looking forward to spending time with is Klei Entertainment’s Early Access roguelike, Rotwood.

Klei is one of my favorite developers, and Rotwood looks like it is going to be a fun ride – if not a bit chaotic for someone going it alone. It’s not expensive ($10.99), so I may try to get a couple of friends to help dole out some pain to corrupted monsters living in the woods.

Bob's Burgers -S4E6 - Purple Rain-Union
Image credit: Wilo Productions/Buck & Millie Productions/20th Century Television

That’s us for the weekend. What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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