Here’s the first trailer for the Dead Cells animated series

By admin May19,2024

Dead Cells was blessed with several excellent animated trailers, each one produced by French animation studio Bobbypills. Now the slick metroidvania is getting a full animated television series from the same folks, and the first trailer is below.

It’s in French, but you can turn on English subtitles. Also, the animation style is different from the trailers.

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I think I approve of everything about this. I like that it’s not treating the subject matter overly seriosuly – because who really cares about Dead Cells lore when the game is mostly about the wonderful feeling of rolling, dashing, and exploding enemies. I like that it’s a comedy. I like that several of the gags in the trailer above are derived from the animation itself. (I’d guess many Dead Cells fans will not agree with me.)

The Dead Cells animated series is due to release on June 19th on ADN (France). That’s the Animation Digital Network, an online streaming service. An English version is due later in the year – but it’s fine, you can watch it with subtitles, don’t be afraid.

Dead Cells recently received its final update and DLC. Original developers Motion Twin are due to release roguelike Windblown later this year, while long-time custodians and spin-off studio Evil Empire are about to release licensed roguelite The Rogue Princes Of Persia.

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